The Pinch

In storytelling, there is a device known as the pinch or pinch-points, where after an event, the character’s life is forever changed. I feel like I’ve reached a pinch point in my personal life. Last week I was on vacation, and this week I’ve not resumed my writing habit. I don’t like excuses, so I won’t make them. I need to take a step back and focus on my personal well-being and my day job. If I intend to make it as an author someday, and I do, I have to prioritize health and financial stability in the short term. Having said that, I still intend to keep up with my lessons from “Elements of the Writing Craft,” but the pace will have to slow down a bit. I started off pretty strong and fast, doing them every day. Then every day became five days a week, then four. Now, I’ll have to back off a bit further and work on them only on weekends or when time and energy allow.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and I won’t progress as quickly as I’d like, but as someone once said, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” and “Progress is more important than perfection.”

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