Elements of the Writing Craft. Part One: Storytelling, Lesson Twenty-four: Out of Dramatic Moment

Ref: Pages 30 and 31 of the text by Robert Olmstead.

  1. List five turning points in life. Begin: I will come back…
    I will come back to this beach and feel the cool water and fine sand between my toes.
    I will come back from the hunt with food enough to last us through winter.
    I will come back when these young shrubs form a tall hedge around her cottage.
    I will come back when I have earned my place in the King’s Army.
    I will come back when I’ve paid our debt and freed us from our debtors.
  1. Write a sentence that conveys what has been by telling what will be.
    I will stroll the boardwalk, soak in the sun and sip honey mead fresh from the keg.
    I will smell the roasting boar and feel the warmth of the hearth.
    I will rest in the shade of this hedge and harvest the berries in summer.
    I will eat and drink at this table again and hear the songs around the fire.
    Finally, I will live free, owing my time and money only to myself and my loved ones.
  1. Now turn to what stands in the way of what will be.
    But first, we must help our neighbors battle the grassfire threatening their village.
    But the cold and the wilderness must first be endured.
    But first, I will carry the harvest to market and return with the profits.
    But first, I will submit to the trails.
    But these next five years, I will enter willingly into servitude.

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