Elements of the Writing Craft. Part One: Storytelling, Lesson Fifteen: Perceiving

Ref: Pages 21 and 22 of the text by Robert Olmstead.

1.Make a list of a dozen simple acts.
Elsie nodded.
Eoghan stared.
Beatrice shook her head.
Carn raised an eyebrow.
Duffy stood up.
Saehe curled her lip.
Hughes smiled.
Gallagher widened her eyes.
Siobhan furrowed her brow.
Dhoul flicked his tongue.
Stanley closed his eyes.
Tyg thumbed his nose.

  1. Now make the next move and let another character interpret one of your simple actions. Depend upon the lesson’s example to get started. “Her expression seemed to indicate…”

“Look at them all! There are too many to count.” Carn waved at the crowd from the castle balcony. Beatrice shook her head. Her expression seemed to indicate she wasn’t impressed. Her brow had that gentle crease, above her left eye. She wasn’t impressed at all.

  1. Pick another simple action but have your other character interpret this one negatively.

“We’re going to rally here, set up camp for the night,” said Duffy. Saehe curled her lip. Either she was aggravated or she was hungry. Often those things came together but she couldn’t be bothered to know which it was this time. She’d tell eventually, Saehe isn’t known for her subtly.

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