Elements of the Writing Craft. Part One, Lesson Seven: Opening in Aftermath

Ref: Page 12 from the text by Robert Olmstead.

1. Start a story using the word, after. Write at least two paragraphs.

2. Open a story with a tragedy and some small parallel event. 

3. Open a story in the aftermath of a joyful occasion. Let a small good thing accompany this occasion too. 

2. (Siobhan)

After Dhoul thrashed in his sleep and killed an Elder, the only ally we had in the circle, we fled. Without warning or consideration we left the sacred grove and the village behind. A cold wind chased us from the valley that morning and followed us south. I left my family when I joined the Circle and I put an end to the Circle when they wanted to kill him. Just for his nature. I let my fear decide my action and let my pride blind my vision. Now he and I are alone, with no one to answer to and no one to ask for help.

3. (Dhoul)

After we left our friends in the valley we were free to roam. The pain in my belly lessened in its ferocity. We are now free. To soar and select prey at will. Her will mostly, but I get a much larger selection than before. The next morning, we found a giant squid attached to a merchant ship. How happy they were to be rid of it and how sated I felt after I dragged it to shore and she conjured magic fire. Cooking she calls it, seems like a fine way to delay eating but, it does add a savoriness which is often worth the wait.

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